Back in NYC

Things got a bit messy yesterday, a dog caught the scent of a banana in Charlotte’s bag so we got stuck in security and they stopped me too. Our driver dumped us ans everything we had with us when we landed so everything we booked had to be rearranged. Instead of arriving in the city at four o’clock we were there at seven. Scott was there to do my makeup (but not hair) and when house cleaning was going to unpack my bags, someone had locked them so a janitor had to be called. But within 30 minutes I was ready and fixed for dinner!

Thank goodness I’m able to be quick 🙂

Photo from the plane, I always bring my own silk sheet. I slept through the whole flight.

The Mark!

Ready for dinner 30 minutes after arrival….

Marisol and Charlotte are always on the phone. It’s a good thing of course, Marisol is CSR and communication manager for me. Ahead of radio programme on P1 there’s been a lot of attention from journalists so she has a busy job.

Dinner at the cozy Waverly Inn

And ice cream for dessert at Van Leeuwen

The best Saturday night ever!

I had a lie this morning, ordered coffee and Scott is coming around to do my make up before a work breakfast with the colleagues, then we’re viewing the apartment and a whole day of meetings.

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