New life phase, NYC & Douglas

I’m off to NYC today! I’ve been looking forward to it! I’m flying with Charlotte and Marisol today. We’re going to meet up at Arlanda VIP and begin our journey with a delicious breakfast. Our NYC schedule is packed. We need to close three accounts/companies before summer holidays for the agency and hopefully sign the apartment. It’s important that Charlotte gets to see it as well because she’ll be living there full time. We’re also going to hang out with the new co-owners of the agency. It’s so exciting ti have headquarters in NYC and and American owners. I’m only in the USA until Tuesday so it’ll be am intense trip. I have a few office days and then Almedalen Monday-Wednesday but after that I’m checking out. I’m so grateful I’ll get to stay in the same house in France for five weeks. When you travel a lot with work it’s nice to have a base. Sally and Gillis are so excited about France. They’ve been looking forward to it for months which is really cute. Lovisa and I are going to take turns when we fly back with the kids to Odd. Lovisa and Lisa will be helping out in France as well. Ida is on maternity leave so Lisa will be working with us this Fall and become part of our family. Fun!

Ida has been working with me since I was pregnant with Sally and after the divorce she has been with us every day for two years, so it’ll be strange without her forma year but I’m so happy that she is going to be a mom.

Ida was with me and the kids at Palma last year when life was a bit of a mess. She’s been a source of safety all these years. I haven’t always shown you the people on my channels but I have an amazing group who help me out behind the scenes. Even the security tea, are a part of that safety. I meet them every day so of course they’re a part of my life.

I told Ida the other day that the life change I went through when I got sivorced two years ago is happening again but in a new way. It’s a new phase for all of js. But first well earned holiday…:-)

Speaking of something completely different, yesterday, on Midsummer’s Eve, Löwengrip launched products at Douglas in Germany. A lot of fun! This Day Mask is a big favourite! It’s a mask you can wear during the day and it makes the skin more even and smooth. I’ll talk to you in NYC!

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