I’m done

After my lecture during the Anders Wall-day last year, Bibbi and Fabian surprised me and asked if I wanted to become summerhost for 2019. I was so shocked! But I was also incredibly happy and said yes immediately. I saw in Simon’s eyes that he already knew they would ask me. He looked so proud. We couldn’t talk about anything else in the car. I’m going to be a summer host!

I’ve been wtiting lots throughout the year. It’s a huge process to produce material that needs to be approved everywhere. I’ve carried the document with me wherever I’ve been, all over the world, NYC weekends, after the kids are asleep in bed. It’s taken a very long time.

Each time I sent a page in I got a few lines back. A so called ”kill your darlings”. It’s been frustrating at times. Fabian has been tough to bounce ideas with but I love working with people who are so focused and passionate. As soon as I realised my producer was very sharp i got even more excited and we’ve been sending each other documents every day. Fabian has truly had a crash course in my life story, who I am when my guard is down and he knows me better than most people 🙂

Writing my summer program has been one of the most fun things I have done in my life.

I’ve cried,laughed and gone to bed angry and frustrated and almost had a love/hate relationship to my home office. I’ve been sat there every evening, sometimes with almost only a half hour break because I’ve been doing so much at the same time. I’ve had phone calls with colleagues while writing, phone meetings with the USA and children who wake up. It hasn’t been easy to make my already tight schedule work but at 10PM I was done.


My beautiful diploma. My program will be broadcast on the 24th of June. I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that you will enjoy it.

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