Long days

I’ve bee working from 6AM to 1AM for almost two months without any time off in the evenings. I’m starting to get really tired but it’s not long until a well-earned holiday. I’m going to keep working until the last moment. That’s why all posts are around midnight. I’ve had meetings all day, met my bank with my new CEO and present everything I’m working on. I’ve met with a VC company who have flown to Stockholm on behalf of Löwengrip. We had our meetings at the Theatre Grill. I’ve had time to create some content for a customer, spent 30 minutes of my lunch at Nathalie Schuterman for some shopping before my next NYC trip. After my work dinner I had another work-session with my producer for Summer on P1. We sat at home and worked on my text for my show between 8.30PM to 11.30 PM. Phew. Long day.

23.25 at home, writing, writing and editing the text. It’s hard to believe I’ll be recording tomorrow. What a journey I’ve been on while I’ve been writing it. I’m so grateful to have had Fabian as my producer. A real super team.

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