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The pace is still quick, the whole team are working o finish all the last bits before summer vacation. It’s important to make sure everyone keeps their energy up and get as much nutrition as possible. When I’m not strict with food, I can feel it in my whole body. Anna has become such an important person because she cooks food for us at home. Life is too short to eat boring food!

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When I’m working on quick pace, it’s important to have something that makes daily life easier. I’ve had a long collaboration with and they are truly a company who makes life easier for me and many others. I love coming home to a full fridge after my travels and eating my favourite foods. My favourite thing is enjoying a long breakfast with the kids when I’m back home. We sit at the table for ages.

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Lots of people are preparing for midsummer, lots of food to buy and prepare. I won’t celebrate a classic midsummer because I might be abroad. But I’ll manage without salmon and meatballs 🙂 I used to love classic Swedish food, but now I enjoy asian and italian flavours. Maybe it’ll be a midsummer with miso salmon or caper salad?

Whether or not you need to buy food for a large celebration or stock the fridge for when you get back home, makes it easy for you. They can also deliver on the morning of midsummer’s eve! Right now, all new customers get 200kr off 700kr purchase. Use the code ISABELLA200 until July 31st and cannot be combined with other offers. You can find here!

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