What do you want to hear on my summer talk with P1

My summer program is going to be broadcast on the 24th of June. I asked if I could record my program after the press conference. I wanted to ask you if there’s anything you want me to talk about. Many of you have followed me for half my life and want you to think it’s interesting. I’m almost done writing but there’s a little bit left. I wrote the first 15 pages but then I deleted half and that’s how it’s been back and forth. But I guess it’s a process many other hosts go through.

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Anyway, I’d love to listen to what you want to hear. I have all weekend to update my document after bedtime. I’m going to record it in a studio on Tuesday. Right now I’m going to make myself a cup of tea, eat the rest of the kids’ snack and go through my music list and match it with the right paragraphs in my text. It’s a lot of fun. Incredibly difficult but a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure at all that I’d participate but I’m proud of myself for being brave. Phew.

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