The Animal Ball

What a night! It was fantastic to visit Clarence House and see Prince Charles and Camilla. The drink was at their ”home” and the actual dinner was at Lancaster House, next door. They were a talkative, happy couple and greeted everyone they knew. There was an intimate atmosphere and quite festive. That’s what happens when you get different masks, you let your guard down. The women at my table had crab masks and the men wore lobster masks.

Photo from the Daily Mail, strictly no photography allowed 🙂

Guess who got a trip to Svalbard to meet polar bears! It’ll be amazing!:-)

We stayed at Claridges last night. Cozy hotel. And this morning we had a delicious breakfast.

I’m about to board a flight and will pick up the kids at nursery and then it’s finally WEEKEND! I can’t wait to take the boat out for the first time.

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