I have a boat!

What a day! Nearly midnight and I’m still not finished. My days have looked like this for a few weeks now. I’m spending all my waking hours working when I’m not with the kids, but that’s what it’s like when something new is happening. I recognize the process and I enjoy it. There’s a lot to do but exciting.

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Today’s office outfit

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Anna (our chef) has a day off today so the kids and I decided to have dinner at our regular haunt. Well, I had a starter because I had dinner at home with the colleagues afterwards. I love spending time with my kids. I also think eating out is good practice when it comes to table manners, trying new food and ordering.

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When we got home, my new boat was waiting for us. A beautiful Finnmaster We’ll try it out this weekend. I can’t wait.

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Charlotte and Marisol came over for a work dinner. Who doesn’t love Lebanese food? We had a telephone meeting with one of our american customers for the agency. It’s almost up and running now. Everything is happening quickly.

I’m hoping to fall asleep by one at the latest. Thursday will be a long day. A large press conference and a flight to London to attend a ball at Clarence House. Guess who has to change clothes on the flight again? The just about works out.

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