Polar Music Prize

Löwengrip Invest hosted a small lunch and fathered the gang together for one last bit of work before summer holidays. Before the holidays we’re off to London, NYC (signing customers and accommodation) and Almedalen. We ate at Nobis who have a lovely outdoor area.

I always use this blazer from Stylein!

Afterwards it was time for the Polar Prize. I changed to a fantastic dress by Lilli Jahilo.

My American guest is Paul Hutchinson. You’ll have to google him, he’s a fantastic person with a big heart. I’m launching the Isabella Löwengrip Fund close to my birthday we are working together with his organisation which is called the Child Liberation Foundation
Min amerikanska gäst heter Paul Hutchinson. Ni får nästan googla honom, en fantastisk människa med stort hjärta. Jag lanserar ju Isabella Löwengrip Foundation. He has rescued over 4000 children from human trafficking. Other than that, he is working to help rehabilitate the kids and finding supporting-parents, possible people who want to adopt, therapy and finding their way back to school. Mr Huthinson is a hero.

Grandmaster Flash and the King. The Gala is always impressive and inspiring. Danny Saucedo did a fantastic tribute to Grandmaste Flash. A big thank you for inviting me.

Insider tip: save these name badges. There’s a new animal/character every year.

After the gala, it was time for dinner number two at the Theatre Grill with our visitors from Utah and Hawaii. I brought Charlotte and Marisol with me. Marisol is going to be the general secretary for the foundation.

And she’ll be amazing.

I’ll tell you more about my foundation later on. Imagine a new generation based on the Anders Wall foundation. It’s time to carry the torch and support other passionate souls.

I got home around midnight and went to sleep with my kids in my bed. We actually slept in until eight o’clock and stayed in bed for ages, and had breakfast. Then it was time for the kids to go on an outing! Tonight, the kids and I are going out for dinner. They’ve picked the restaurant themselves. When they fall asleep around eight, my colleagues are coming over for more work. We have a lot of late night USA meetings because of the time difference.

A good Wednesday

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