Spread my wings

”Mommy, I love being at home. Thereös so much aif here and it makes you want to breathe a lot.”

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That’s exactly how I feel when I’m at home. I might be tired, stressed and wound up…all sorts of feelings. But the view and the light makes me feel harmonious. I feel grounded at home. Even though we’ve been living here since November, I’m not quite used to it. I’m still grateful though and I guess all the days I spend travelling makes me appreciate home more.

Although right now, I feel like my life will look very different after summer. Things changed after the divorce and it’s a similar change now. I can feel it in every cell of my body. It’s an exciting time ahead, living half time in New York, a fund in Sweden. The Swedish blog will disappear and there’ll just be an English one,which of course will be written by me. It’ll be a challenge but I’ll embrace it. The biggest thing right now is that I’m in love. Everything is happening at the same time.

Business as usual then:- )


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