Apartments on my mind

I’m right in the middle of apartment hunting right now.. I’ve found an amazing house on Upper East and lots of apartments in that house are for rent. I love the house because it’s in one of my favourite areas, but the building is like a resort. Beautiful lobby, fantastic pool, conference room, yoga room , gym and play room. NYC is the city that never sleeps so it’ll be nice to have our own little oasis, especially when the kids visit. I’ll be renting for a year, with a possibility to extend. It’s all so exciting, a new life is starting after the summer.

Some photos of the apartment I keep falling in love with in the same building. When I started living in NYC once a month, I was so unsure about what neighbourhood but I quickly realized how much I liked the brightness and calm around Central Park. Upper East is more child friendly. The office in Midtown so that also works. I’ll be flying back after midsummer to sign everything.

It’s all happening now – I’m so excited! Office space – check. Accommodation – almost check. Fulfilling your goals is a truly special feeling. It’s a bit addictive to say the least, I guess that’s why I never stop evolving. I’m always moving forward.

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