Polar prize, press photos, ball and new boat

I always feel a bit confused when I land in Stockholm on Monday morning and have to go to work. Partly because I’m in a new time zone and there’s a lot to catch up with and chase up things that happened in the USA this week. It’s always a bit messy but I’ve learned that I always become calmer when I’ve finished all my work on a Monday evening and after the kids are i bed. Everything goes back to normal on Tuesday. As always, it’s an intense week ahead with board meetings, telephone meetings, polar prize, guests from the USA, press photoshoot on Thursday and a flight to London for a charity ball. I have agency meetings in London in Friday and then I’m flying back home. And we finally get our boat. I hope we’ll be able to take it out this weekend.

Amanda on the right, is our newest addition to the gang!

There’s a lot of work with my Isabella Löwengrip-fund. I want to do what Anders Wall has done but in my own way and it’ll be awesome. Marisol is working with it right now and during my dinner at Almedalen, I’ll be presenting our project. Another thing we need help with is graphic design, new logos and the ability to print on paper, etc. If there’s a company out there who might be able to help us with a few AD projects, please contact us, felicia@lowengripinvest.se

It’s almost time to pick up Sally from nursery. It always makes me more grounded. I’ve really missed the kids!

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