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In Collaboration with Lyko

I’ve always loved make up and I used to be a real makeup junkie who always tried new products and brands. Nowadays, I’m always working with makeup artists and I don’t really have the time to experiment so I’ve lost the technique a bit. That’s why it’s fun to try new make up products! It’s like being a child on Christmas eve! Nothing beats the feeling of opening a new package, feeling the consistency of a serum and see the glimmer from different highlighters – it’s pure joy!

Just like my scent wardrobe and normal wardrobe, my makeup varies throughout the year. During spring and summer I use lighter shades and foundation. Here are my favorites from Lyko who I believe are the base for a lovely summer look

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For me, highlighters are like milk and butter for the ordinary Swede – basic needs! I probably don’t use highlighters like you should, I start by using a light highlighter, from Loreal, which I mix with face cream. I apply it on my face for a glowing base. Then I mix a bronzy highlighter with my foundation, I’ve also used this from Loreal. When it comes to glow I use the layer on layer principle and use prepping spray between each step.

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This primer from YSL has been a constant favourite for over a year. It’s a perfect primer that makes the makeup even. The best thing about it that the skin gets more of a glow and I love that. Most silk primers make the skin satin smooth, but rarely contain glow but this one does! It’s so wonderful, you have to try it.

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Regarding foundation, I never use a shade. Because I always use tan drops or brown-without-skin, I need different kinds of foundation to find the right colour for my face. I usually mix 2-3 different ones and right now I’m using this one and also this shade from Lancome. It’s a bit easier than the one from Armani, perfect for the New York summer heat.

Rouge is an important detail that lifts the makeup. I always use coral colours, and that always works regardless of whether or pale or brown. Pink rouge is something you can only use when you’re brown and you should only really use bronze shades for pale skin. This one from Hot Mama is one I’ve been using for ages, it’s got the perfect coral shade with a lovely shine.

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There’s a whole sea of eye shadows and everything is used different. When I put makeup on my eyes I want something a bit lighter. This onefrom Helena Rubenstein is the perfect eye shadow in creme format which you can use as a base. I always cover the whole eye up to the eyebrows. It makes it easier to work with the eye shadows when you have a cream base that binds the colours together.

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I wear read nails almost all year around, but we’re heading to brighter times now. I love different shades of nude and OPI have a new called called Always here for you which have the perfect nude shades. These three are my favourites. light pink, bubblegum pink and this light grey. I get my nails fixed all the time and a few salons offer OPI nail polish, so regardless if you make your own or get them fixed you can use OPI. If you don’t go to a salon my advice is to use under and overcoat to make it last longer.

It’s been so much fun to choose my favourite makeups. What do you want me to review from Lyko next? And don’t miss the Lyko E-shop in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

In collaboration with Lyko

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