Crazy 24 hours

I just got back home from Gateway/Commerce chamber where I was interviewed and I was overwhelmed by all the support. People were queuing to have a chat afterwards and the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet were here. This is daily life for me in Sweden but I didn’t expect in in NYC. I’m so touched. I’m proud to be a part of Gateway ans the commerce chamber have been an important part when it comes to helping Swedish companies establish themselves in the USA. I’m next and I’m very grateful.

But let’s start at the beginning because a lot of exciting things have happened since I last talked to you.

I wore a dress in colour for once and went out with a new friend I met in Cannes!

We had dinner at the Polo Bar and oh my god, I met so many exciting people that evening. Ralph Lauren (!), Ivana Trump and James Corden. Having Ralph Lauren on one side and Ivana Trump on the other was very surreal. I was at least a head taller than both of them. Fun evening!

I had a mild headache when I woke up this morning after last evening. I’m not used to drinking alcohol but I’ve started having a glass every now and then. My goal was to go a year without but 8 months was enough. To be honest, there’s not much difference between life with and without alcohol. Now I have a glass because I enjoy it. A cold glass of chablis is delicious sometimes.

Our agency had a meeting with this incredible company which I’ll tell you more about later.

Lunchbreak with the colleagues at Cipriani on Upper East. It’s my favourite.

Afterwards I had the interview with SACC

It’s almost half past ten here, and it’s time to sleep. I have an interview with SvD tomorrow, a private fitting with Carolina Herrera and then a meeting with a big vc-firm. A fun mix as always.

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