We flew from LA to NYC. It took five hours but with the time difference I landed at half past midnight. I was so happy when I saw NYC from the window. Every cell in my body was ecstatic to be you.

Thia is typically me…I’ve just met up with my driver who is helping me with the bags and I’m making the most of everything when it comes to work. A mobile desk at 1AM, perfect 🙂

I was at my hotel around 1.30AM. I adore the Lowell. I feel at home here between Madison and Park. It’s the perfect location. I’m hoping to find an apartment here after all the viewing’s this weekend.

I woke up at 7AM and went for a walk!

I walked through Central Park …

…To pick up a few things at Whole Foods by Columbus Circle. There’s one closer to me but I wanted to walk through the park. I stocked up on fresh berries and other delicious things for the hotel. My trip there has become a routine.

It’s almost time for make up and a busy day with meetings at the OFFICE! I can’t wait to see Louise who has been here since Monday, working.

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