Royal ball, apartment in NYC and Paramount Studios

Monday in LA! When I woke up, Ida who works in my house had sent a photo of this fancy invite.

…I’m going to a ball in London next Thursday! I also got updates from Louise who is in NYC, looming for an apartment.

…But the standards wasn’t good enough. We are looking for a 2-3 bedroom on Upper East Side. Louise and Charlotte will be living there and myself during the days I’m in NYC.

But back to LA. We visited Kyle at Paramount Studios. We have an exciting thing happening with our agency. He showed us around and it was incredible to see everything. Then we gad lunch and a meeting at the office.

The bench where Forrest Gump was filmed. After a few hours at Paramount, I was picked up by Löwengrip’s retailer here in LA and then I had a meeting with Fred Segal. Next up is an exciting work dinner. We’re making the most of our schedule. I’m recording a podcast episode tomorrow and I have a lunch meeting before I am off to NYC.

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