Towards LA

…And we’re off to new adventures! Last time I visited LA I was 20 and stayed with Linus who was studying in San Diego. We have a busy schedule with meetings. Leaving Stockholm at 10am, landing around lunchtime and then tonight we have dinner with a group of people we’re hoping to start working with. Full day with meetings on Monday and Tuesday. I also have a meeting with Fred Segal on behalf of Löwengrip which will be exciting. I’m so glad I don’t have to struggle with jetlag. It feels like I’m going through a transformation right now, both within myself and for Löwengrip on the otherside of the Atlantic. It’s an exciting phase I’ve worked towards for many years. I have a deadline in October/November with something that needs to be up and running. I’ve seen a few questions asking if I’ll stop running companies in Sweden and I absolutely won’t. I have to live in Sweden 50% of the time because I’m a mom. Everything we’re building internationally will be good for our businesses in Sweden too.

I’ll talk to you in LA!

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