Family exercise

The kids and I had a cozy and fun Saturday. I love it when Gillis says ”Mommy, it’s really been a great day!” That’s a good review! I know a lot of you get annoyed when I say I want to accomplish something with every day, but I like that we’ve done something fun together. It doesn’t need to be special as long as it’s been positive. Today, we exercised together. Pontus made an obstacle course for the kids while i did bench presses. Sally and Gillis loved it. Afterwards we went to Kale & Crave and bought dinner for myself and Michaela and pancakes for the kids. We’ve finally been able to catch up aftee three weeks. I usually give my closest friends a heads up when I’m buried in work. I tend to go into a Bella-bubble.

I have to do a final bit of work before the USA trip and then it’ll be two quieter weeks ahead before Almedalen. Them I’m going to spend five weeks in France. I can’t wait. I’ve already made it through the most difficult bit and now it’s only fun things ahead.

Exercise with the kids! When the guests left watched Tzatsiki and ate popcorn to wind down. While the kids are asleep I’m fixing my eyelashes before the journey. It’s so handy to have all beauty treatments at home around 9-10PM after the kids have gone to bed. Life hack.

On Sunday I’m meeting up with Charlotte, Sascha and Michaela at Arlanda VIP for breakfast and then we’re off to LA. Louise is already in NYC. So excited!

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