I love being able to wear sandalettes on my feet again. Flattered have released a lot of great shoes for the summer. It’s so awesome to have been a part of a company’s start and watched it grow into what it is today. We brought in Spiltan as an owner last year and I sold a bit of my shares but I own ca 20% of flattered. These are mt new favourites and I wore them all the time in Italy last week.

I’m just about to leave Landvetter (Thank you VIP for a great service and amazing lunch. There’s something special about people from Gothenburg) and am heading back to Stockholm. I’m so excited for a Friday evening and tomorrow the kids are coming with me to my exercise session with Pontus and then Michaela and her kids are coming over for early dinner. I’m off to LA on Sunday with an exciting three days of meetings and then I’ll be spending the rest of the week in NYC. I’m so happy and harmonious right now and grateful to experience amazing things.

I’ll talk to you later!

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