Visiting the animals

The kids and I slept until nine this morning. We were tired. We spent ages eating breakfast before we got dressed and took the car to Elfvik’s farm nearby. We visited the animals and enjoyed the sun. Elfvik’s farm is one of those places I’ve often revisited during many different stages of my life and have many memories from there. Memories of Gillis walking around at 1.5 years old, a new baby in the stroller and breastfeeding on a set of steps. Newly divorced and then last summer. Life is constantly changing and I love it.

When we sat in the sun with an ice-cream I got a sudden feeling of really looking forward to showing the kids Central Park. I’ll almost be able to and it’ll be easier when we have accommodation sorted in the autumn.

When I came home I had lunch and packed my bags. Now I have 24 hours of work in Gothenburg. It’ll be fun.

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