USA on Sunday

A calm and quiet office day! We really feel at home here at the new office, such a beautiful space. We’ve had a meeting and planned Sunday and the next few days. There are five of us from Löwengrip Invest are traveling to the USA. Louise is heading straight to NYC to start working with the new office more. The agency is going go be registered as an American company and now we need to find accommodation ahead of autumn. Louise already has a green card which makes it easier to start a company. Our new CEO for Löwengrip Invest has also started and run companies in NYC and I’m grateful for that experience. We are also getting fantastic support from the SACCNY (Swedish Chamber of Commerce in NY) and Gateway.

The rest of the team are going to Los Angeles. We have three days of agency meetings (incredibly exciting) before we’re heading to NYC. I’ll be staying all week as usual. I’ve visited the USA regularly for the past six months and I keep falling in love with the city. My goal is to live there 50% from autumn (all childfree weeks). I’m hoping my agency will be up and running by the new year.

Today’s two outfits from Wakakuu

The kids and I had a pretend-Friday today so we bough our usual Friday snacks. Anna made dinner and had a bit of a deli selection with meat for Sally and cheeses for Gillis and I. The kids ordered things by themselves as usual.

This week’s menu by Anna

I finally have a new shelf in the bathroom. The previous house owner had completely forgotten to have one. Who wants to use the floor as storage?

It’s always so bright and beautiful at home. The kids and I brought the duvet to the TV room and watched a movie. Tomorrow we’re having a lie-in.

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