Everything I’ve learned during half a life time – in one agency

During half my life I’ve sold my brand and my channels. Now it’s time to start a bureau where we package everything I’ve learned over the past 14 years. For half my life I’ve learned to build brands, personal, products and services. I’ve learned everything when it comes to creating content and engagement, getting through tough times, learning how to build a long-term conversion and create a relationship with your clients that lasts years. I’ve become really good at marketing.

Other than my opwn experience, we’ve also gathered a lot of data over the past few years, because of all cases and collaborations we’ve worked on. We know exactly how to prepare a launch by using social media, what order the week’s posts have to be to get the most effect for different companies, we know exactly how to use movement or when to use still photographs, warm or cold shades, we know what time of the day, weekdays and headlines to use. We have found a good key to coordinate all channels and we believe we know how to handle the future channels in the best possible way.

If there’s something I’m good at, it’s this – communicating online, build brands and convert it to a strong business. It’s a lot of fun to start my own strategic bureau with focus on branches that have fallen behind.

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As an investor, timing is everything. That’s why i’ve chosen to focus on three branches that need help to become more digital. One of them is the film industry. We can see how international film giants are putting a lot of money on billboards in the USA but their budgets are too small to see where the viewers really focus their energy – on their social media. HBO and Netflix are lightyears ahead of most major film companies and we have a whole industry we can improve.

Another branch is charity. I realized quickly that all galas have one common problem. Even though they’re the most sought after events like AmFar, there are still empty seats. Because there isn’t a CRM system (which we will be building). The whole industry is analogue and huge amounts of money are wasted because of that. And charity hasn’t had a chance to establish themselves digitally. There’s a lot more to be done.

And then we have the most talked about subject to date. We’ll be working with airline. I find it an exciting industry because we can see a global trend with the pricing going down and more alternatives for private flights show up all the time. We are looking at a massive change int his industry – the way we’re flying today is old and slow. It’ll become more flexible int he future and you can quickly use an app to see if there’s an available seat. But there’s a lot of players on the market who are taking spaces and we can help them reach new audiences with the help of social media.

A journalist asked me about the ethical part; but each investor and bureau have to decide what they want to stand for. Some invest in gambling and tobacco companies and there are agencies who work with alcohol and liquor. I’ve put on my investment glasses and I can see huge potential in this industry which is becoming more flexible. I’m also hoping the flights will follow the same footsteps as the cars with a new type of gas and petrol.

The common aspect these three industries have is the generational shift. The film industry is big and slow, charities isn’t something that’s just for people with inherited money but also a lot of people who want to become more active in charity. We can work with blockchain and see where every penny goes to. Regarding private flights, there’s an old fashioned opinion that only 60 year old men travel privately for their boardmeetings. There’s a new generation where time efficiency is hugely important. A privateflight is available for around 100,000 kronor (In scandinavia, available for half the price in the USA) but it’s quickly becoming cheaper and new airlines offer an Uberpool like service where you share flights and it makes the costs cheaper. Lower costs means more people want the product which means more companies want to be a part of that market and that’s where my agency comes in.

Anyway, my agency will have the headquarters in NYC from August. Today we’re 13 employees and we have a set up that’s a bit like a media house and a production team. This organisation is already being scaled up. On Monday we’ll be in LA to meet a couple large film customers. I can’t wait.

For half my life, I’ve learned to communicate online, now it’s time to package it and scale up.

First stop: USA.

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