Almost long-weekend

I had a lot of work to do last night, around midnight I heard the kids shouting ”mommy we’re going to bed in your bed instead.” The usually come over around 00-01am. I can’t believe they’re so big now that they’re able to walk in by themselves. I crawled into bed between them and fell asleep instantly. There’s nothing better than falling asleep with your kids. Hearing them breathe is the best way for me to wind down.

This morning we got up around 7AM, had breakfast and talked about things that make us extra happy today. Sally said that it was the sunshine and the grass outside and Gillis was happy about his shirt and that it was ”pretend-Friday” today. I try teach them about gratitude. To think about what has made them happy throughout the day, if you’ve helped someone or if you’ve solved a problem. It’s so nice to hear their thoughts.

After I dropped them off at nursery around 8, I had an exercise session. It’s nice to have a more relaxed day today. I have content and work to deal with at the office. Then, like Gillis said, it’s ”pretend-Friday.” It’s so nice to have a long weekend and to sleep.

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