Gillis is starting school

Hello there!

We had a very exciting start to our day, because Gillis has begun preparing to start his new school. I didn’t even know you could be there two days in May to prepare for when term starts in Fall but it feels really good. He’s so incredibly proud. He was shining when he sat by his desk in his shirt. Gillis is so ready to start school. He had a half day today (I’m going to pick him in a short while and then take him to nursery) and I’ve listened to a lecture in the auditorium about how to prepare your kids for school. Every child is different but I’m lucky that both of my kids are so precocious, safe and mature. Starting school feels really safe. Sally wanted to start school today as well.

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This afternoon it’s the end of term celebration at Nursery so it’ll be a short workday for me, but I’m going to the office quickly this afternoon (product and marketing meeting for Löwengrip). I haven’t been able to visit our new workplace since the move last week. My colleagues are happy and comfortable there, which is important to me. There was a lot of criticism to be said about our previous place, but everything is a learning curve. I rarely get frustrated, I just carry on as normal. Never waste energy.

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