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In collaboration with Mat.se

I love working with our CSR manager. She is keeping an eye on the whole company and questions a lot of things. It’s very exciting and she really puts me on the spot about a lot. I try to take more responsibility when it comes to food. As you already know, I have a long term partnership with mat.se and they’ve really developed their sustainability initiative over the past year.

Our chef Anna cooks all our food every other week and focuses on making a lot of green food. I love eating fish so I usually have that for dinner a couple of times per week at home. I love that mat.se don’t offer any red-listed fish or other seafood. I’ve learned that it’s really important to know if the fish you’re buying is MSC branded or not.

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Anna made a really delicious tuna tataki when I got home from Cannes. It’s such a luxury to come home to a cooked dinner when you’ve been traveling a lot. I want to eat as much protein as possible so Anna always has lots of different veg in her food. I love that this dish was inspired by the Asian cuisine because I am crazy about Asian food.

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I know a lot of people struggle to figure out what to cook for dinner that doesn’t contain meat. Mat.se are really good for finding inspiration! They help customers find sustainable options. What I like the most about mat.se is the fact that they’re open for everyone, and they don’t tell you to become vegans. Instead, they give you advice about how to add more vegetarian or vegan food to your diet. No shaming, but rather they guide you to think more in a more sustainable way.

Right now, all customers get 100kr off when you make a purchase with mat.se for over 700kr. The code is FOODSPRING100 and is valid until 12th June 2019 and cannot be combined with other offers.

In collaboration with Mat.se

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