How to handle all impressions

It was so wonderful to wake up in my own bed this morning. Because I’m away from home for half the year and stay in different places, it always takes me a while to realize where I am when I open my eyes. I’m used to that now. I had a question in the comments about how I handle all new impressions. I have learned to keep my home-routines as much as possible even when I am away from home. Traveling with a team makes it feel more like home as well. Today, my pace is so quick that the team has been split into two teams who travel with with me, otherwise nobody will have energy. In my case, it’s a bit different, because I have to participate with everything I have a different energy level than most.

As you probably notice, I can be all over the globe but everything usually looks the same – which can be provoking for a lot of people. Beautiful hotels where I feel at home and where I get inspired, I always order the same breakfast (omelette with spinach and salmon and fresh berries), always the same white fish for lunch if possible and I keep all my exercise hours the same, and the same for all meals and fall asleep before midnight. If I keep to my routines, I won’t spend as much energy and that makes it easier to manage being in so many different places.

But if I was wandering around among hundreds of tourists in Venice, just because, or used the subway in NYC just to experience it, or had food at a local haunt in Doha, I actually wouldn’t be able to handle it. If you live a normal life by a desk, finish work at 5PM and travels twice a year – I can understand you get energy from discovering new places. But for me it’s about getting through daily life in different countries as normally as possible and that means there isn’t room to ”discover new things”. Routines and finding a daily life away from home is the key to manage. Are the trips as much fun? I actually don’t have anything to compare it with. But even if I don’t meet as many locals at each place, I meet so many new people who live with the same quick pace as I do and that’s a fantastic network of people.

I started my Monday at 08.00 at Grand Hotel for exercise. So amazing.

Here is the secret to walking in heels from morning to late night (only time I wear flats is when I exercise) – I role my feet on a stick every day. So nice.

Now I have work and a week with the kids!

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