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In collaboration with Lyko

As you know, I’ve always talked about my Sunday-spa routine. It’s an important routine which has followed me through the years and it’s my way to prepare for the week ahead. The routine started when I became a mom, was married and needed alone time in the bathroom. When the kids were really young, I could barely leave the home and that’s why my Sunday routine became extremely important. The most luxurious moment was my thirty minutes every Sunday morning for home-spa. Today, the kids usually hang out with me in the bathroom, something they mess around with the cream and put on face masks.

Because I work with beauty, it means I need to try products! I always get asked why I use other brands when I have my own beauty brand. But it’s so important to keep myself updated with trends, consistencies, scents, etc. I’m a consistency nerd, that’s my thing. I love fluffy consistency, ”whipped” is the best one! Different types of oils are my favourites as well.

I’m really proud to work with Lyko. They have beauty products for every occasion and are quick to bring in new brands which is fun. I’ve had the chance to try a few different ones that are perfect for prepping the skin ahead of summer and I’ve chosen six of my favourites.

The first product is a body scrub from Biotherm. The scent is a mix of peppermint and ginger, two scents I like a lot. Especially now that it’s getting warmer outside, it’s nice with a cooling scrub and that’s the feeling you get with peppermint.

I like that I can choose one based on what I’m feeling then and there. This one from Biotherm feel very gentle on your skin and smells of grapefruit. It’s perfect if you want something easy that smells fresh. A body lotion that’s easy to use is always perfect.

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The balm from Shu-uemura  is a universal balm for both hair and body. I have Scandinavian hair with thin strands so this is a bit thick, but it’s perfect for my skin. I have several balms at home but this one isn’t so thick and the skin absorbs it easily. It’s perfect to apply during the day. It also has clever packaging which is excellent for traveling, otherwise oils and balms are tricky to carry around.

The trick with eye pads is actually to keep them in the fridge! When I travel, I always keep them in the mini bar, where they get to stay with all the M&M’s and nuts. When I travel a lot and sleep poorly, my eyes get a bit puffy and red. These eye pads from Filorga  are the perfect hack, I usually start the morning with them while I eat breakfast or fix my hair.

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The Balm from Shu-uemura

Something that has become very popular since Instagram started, are all creams that makes the skin better. Creams that remove pigment spots, skin structure that makes the skin smoother. This face cream  from Filorga  is a cream that can be used in the morning and in the evening. It’s a bit thicker and I like that. There’s no correlation between thick creams and dilated pores, it’s all about the ingredients.

Last but not least is this cream Niactil 4% from Elixir Cosmeceuticals. It’s a real beauty hack for those of us with visible pores. This comes in gel form with 4% niancinamid which decreases the pores and eats the skin cells. When you wake up in the morning the skin is clearer and has more of a shine to it. If you have fatty skin it’s wonderful! You can use it as a gel. I have dry skin so I use it as a gel and then put face cream on afterwards. That’s why Filorgas is excellent.

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Once a month, Lyko and I will give you suggestions and tell you about my favourite products and guide you through the beauty jungle! Don’t forget to check out their website, they have an e-shop for Sweden, Norway and Finland. You can find all my favourites with Lyko here.

In collaboration with Lyko

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