AmfAR 2019

Oh my god, the past 24 hours have been crazy! We started with breakfast at Arlanda VIP, it was me, Marisol, Rebecka, Mikaela and my security guard. We flew to Gothenburg where I gave my last lecture with Academic Work at Stora Teatern. I’ve been interviewed by Svante Randlert the past few times and he’s very talented. Immediately after the conversation, we had to hurry into the lounge , roll up my hair using curlers and then board the private plane.

While on the plane we had an early dinner and I got my make done for the evening. I put on my dress at the airport and two minutes later we were on our way to Eden Roc for the AmFAR gala. It was a fantastic evening! Charity auctions are always incredibly fun, especially for a competitive person like me. It was stressful but fun. There were amazing performances from Mariah Carey, Duo Lipa and Tom. A few of my friends were there so I was dancing until my feet couldn’t handle it anymore. I was probably home around 5AM. Then up again at 8AM so I could head to the airport and fly to venice. I haven’t slept much at all this week but I can’t wait for a recovery weekend in Venice with my best friend Sheila.

With Charlotte whom invited along for the evening.

there weren’t many Swedes at the gala, but Elsa and Victoria were there at least.


The red carpet was a lot of fun, and just like in Sweden but with more photographers. I never get nervous which is a good trait to have. I just enjoy everything. My outfit was a body and a skirt from Ida Lanto. A fantastic creation which made me feel beautiful! There were lots of exciting people at the gala but the one I’ve run into the most and who I think is lovely and cute is Orlando Bloom. More about that later…Life is a bit crazy right now. I have to pinch myself all the time.

I’m so happy!

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