Planning for a year

It was so nice to be home for a moment yesterday. I had a meeting with my home-team but we had to sit outside because our Air Con wasn’t working (!) and it makes it like a sauna in a glass house. It might be difficult to understand how much coordination it takes at home to make everything go around. Today, we have two people working full time at home plus my chef. In a year or so, we’re hoping to add a third person. However, last night we made plans for the summer and Fall. We’ve rented a house in St Tropez for five weeks but I need to fly back and forth with the kids when they’re going to their dad. Gillis is also starting school after summer so there will be some changes.

Outdoor meeting

We finished around eight o’clock and afterwards I went for a walk, it was lovely with a bit of peace and quiet. When I got back I had some telephone conferences until eleven and then I fell asleep right away. My alarm went off at 06.00 and then I had a shower, got dressed and got a lift to Arlanda airport. First we’re flying to Gothenburg, I had a lecture there and then back to Cannes again. I’m landing at 5.30PM and then I’m off to AmFAR at 6PM so I’ll have to put on my gala dress on the plane and leave right away. It’ll be fun to visit AmFAR, a very good charity network.

It’s been pretty stressful going back and forth between France and Sweden but that’s because I had three contracted lectures. When someone books you a year in advance it’s difficult to know what the year will look like while we’re there. I remember when I was booked for a lecture two years ago at Finland’s school of economics, Simon and I thought ”Well, we need to do things especially international ones for the sake of content.” Later on, that lecture was scheduled on the same week as my press-days in NYC, the TV show Skavlan in London and a boardmeeting in Switzerland. Phew! We’re a bit more careful now when things need to be booked in advance 🙂

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