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What an incredible gala in France yesterday! The Heart Fund had invited us to join their annual The Generous People event. Each year, the owner of Moncler, lends his yacht for the heart fund and while there, money gets donated. The event was absolutely fantastic, we were picked up with a boat by the harbor in Cannes and travelled to the yacht where we had dinner. Getting the chance to meet different charities has been part of the reason for our journey. This year, I’m starting a fund in my own name and a certain percentage of all work I do will be donated to the fund. Right now, my amazing CSR manager is sorting things out to kickstart the fund. The meetings in Cannes have resulted in Löwengrip Invest donating 360 000 kronor. It’s fantastic to be able to give back and I’m looking forward to working with many of the organizations on a long term basis. That’s how we can make a difference! We’re all in full swing with developing an initiative which will shine a light on passionate individuals in Sweden. I can’t wait until I can tell you more about it!

Moana Luu is the founder of the Heart Fund, I always want to support female entrepreneurs. When I heard about her and what she’s doing, it was an obvious choice to support. Next to her is Kyle Otto, creative executive for Atlas Originals. We have a few exciting projects happening in the USA and I invited him along as my guest for the evening.

Kyle, Charlotte, Julia Perry

With Barbara Sturm. We talked about beauty and business! Barefoot and everything! We exchanged contact details and will spend time together in NYC. Always inspiring to meet industry colleagues. My incredible dress is from Ida Lanto. She managed to sew it in two days. Wow.

When we left the yacht around 2.30AM, I saw my cousin’s friend Jonathan and his yacht by the harbor in Cannes. You can’t miss his boat, there’s a huge Gene Machine logo on (he’s a renowned researcher in the USA). We had an evening snack with him and his cute kids.

Now I have another short stop in Stockholm.

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