Last day

Everything is so intense right now, but I’m prepared for it and we’re halfway through. My body feels tired but my brain wants to continue. That makes it more important to recover when I can. I’m working until ten PM and then sleeping in. The blog is suffering right now, but that’s how it is sometimes. We’re close to signing huge international deals which is incredible, but there’s a lot of work behind it.

Here are some pictures from the last 24 hours, meeting marathons at Eden Roc, cocktail with Golden Globe, interview with the Australian, the journey home today and straight to a filming session with Stylein and Ellos.

The Golden Globe event was fantastic and fun, I had my whole team with me and my film team so you’ll see the clip later. I’m just about to call a CEO candidate and then ome last meeting. I have a stage interview in Stockholm and then back to France for work…

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