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I’ve always given advice for how to improve your personal finances. It actually became the basis for mine and Pingis’ first company -Ecomomista. I love clever financial services and everything that makes it easier for those who want to save and be better. I’ve also has several opportunities to be an adviser for new fintech apps. I love the mix of private economy and technology. Because of today’s services and apps, everyone, even if you don’t enjoy it, can have a better oversight of their economy and save money.

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If you listen to experts on saving and how to handle your finances, I usually think they sound a bit old fashioned. You can’t really own a house or apartment and live off your savings. I’m not a professional private economist but I’ve been handling my own finances since I was 14, so I feel pretty confident about it.

To be honest, I think you should try to avoid buying things with a payment plan. I also know that sometimes, lots of people need to pay in instalments. But when you choose to make a payment plan, it’s important to make conscious and informed decisions so that you don’t end up paying too much in interest rate when there is no need. Choose the smart alternative instead, which is Anyfin.


Anyfin lowers the cost of your payments, creditcards, and personal loans. They don’t give you new loans and therefore they don’t add to your debt. They just makes sure the interest rate isn’t as high.

Of course you can pay for your most expensive purchases in instalments, but do it in a clever way with a 6% interest rate by using Anyfin instead of 20% which is the usual offer. I’ve tried the service, the app is really easy to use and accessible. In the film below, you can see how it works. It only took a few minutes for me to get a lower interest rate when I tried Anyfin.

Because of all the amazing apps available today and mobile BankID, you can manage everything from your cellphone. You don’t need to be particularly savvy or have lots of time. Anyfin have an app where you can upload your invoices and get new offers from Anyfin, with lower interest. The great thing is, Anyfin have managed to save more than 50% in interest for their customers.

I truly think Anyfin is a fantastic service because they want to challenge the credit industry, and give back the power to the consumer. Of course you shouldn’t pay more than necessary for your credits, payment instalments or personal loan. But with the campaign code isabella200, everyone gets 200kr off their first invoice, Click here to try or to read more about Anyfin’s app.

n collaboration Anyfin

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