Woman by Ralph Lauren

In collaboration with Ralph Lauren fragrances

I’m proud to be part of Lead Like A Woman for Ralph Lauren’s fragrance. When their team contacted me we talked a lot about two different thoughts I had. One of them was about how I definitely see myself as a female leader and what that means in practice. Things like always seeing strollers in the hallway at the office, putting value on being a child friendly workplace without thinking too much about office hours. That’s one thing. The other thing was more about my feelings about being a role model for my kids . I’m their first leader in life and how I choose to act will have a huge impact on them.

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Just an hour ago (as I’m writing this) Sally walked downstairs and wanted to surprise me. It had been suspiciously quiet for a while and I had feeling she had something planned with her brother. And my mommy-senses were right; she has cut her own hair and suddenly had one short fringe and one skewed. But she was so proud.

Then and there and I had a clear choice to make about how to act like a mom. Should I choose to be angry? Or find another way to approach the situation? How do I want to shape Sally? Despite the ugly fringe, I decided to tell her she is very brave to cut her own hair, but to be careful with scissors and I love that she wanted to surprise me.

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There are constantly situations which will shape my kids and I’ve realized that my leadership as a mom is based on allowing my kids to be independent,understand their own value and realize that a lot of what you want in life you have to get yourself. If I cam give them that, then their path to the future will be so much easier.

If my kids want to drink milk, they have to open the fridge, get a chair and climb up to get a glass themselves. Sometimes they spill a lot but that’s okay. If you want dessert at a restaurant you have to ask for ice cream yourself. Try to do something by yourself and actually realize that you can succeed is the most important gift I can give my children. Everything might take a little longer today when it’s all done by yourself (and I have to deal with messy haircuts and smelly kitchen sometimes) but i know that in the long run, I’m shaping two people who will be brave enough to face the world and take space.

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That’s what lead like a wo,an is about for me. Independence. The right to dare having goals and dreams and feel like you can reach them if you work hard. Nothing is impossible. I know that’s how it is and I’m so passionate about mt kids, colleagues and followers. I want people to be inspired. Life becomes so much richer then.

Ahead of mothers day, I will continue to inspire and shine a light on women around me. Ralph Lauren’s perfume Woman by Ralph Lauren is a wonderful, feminine scent and a perfect mother’s day present. You’ll find it here.

In collaboration with Ralph Lauren fragrances

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