Morning at the pool and magazine cover

We have an incredible view of the harbour in Cannes! It’s rainy at the moment but that doesn’t matter when there’s an indoor pool for the kids at the hotel and I have fun galas and meetings to attend.

We attended a dinner and event at Eden Roc yesterday, which was lots of fun!

I love meeting power-women. I’m with the film producer Sonia Nassery-Cole.

The kids came into my room this morning and then we went downstairs for breakfast. It was huge to see myself on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter, Cannes edition. The actual event is tonight, here in Cannes, and I can’t wait.

The kids and I had breakfast for an hour. They’ve been so excited to eat French baguette and cheese, which they had loads of this morning. Then they had a hot chocolate each. What a luxury.

Afterwards, the kids stayed in the water until 1PM. Totally crazy! My kids normally don’t like swimming but they did for hours. Half the pool was inside and the other half outside which I guess made it more fun. It was a really cozy afternoon.

It’s two o’clock now and I’m just about to get ready for the event, Ill talk to you later!

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