Today has gone super quickly! Talk with Ellos in Borås, photo shoot in their studio and then back to Landvetter for our flight to Cannes. I’m so excited for my collection we’re launching in September, each outfit is my favourite.

The whole team gathered at Landvetter airport. We needed a bigger plane today because there are ten of us;

We have arrived in Cannes and the kids will be sleeping in Lovisa’s room tonight. I’m going to attend a work dinner at beautiful Eden Roc with Marisol and Charlotte around 9PM. A long day to say the least but I love my job so much. I’ll be having family time from 7-8 in the morning when the kids wake up until half past 2 in the afternoon
(hello swimming pool!) . Then I’ll be working until midnight (with a dinner break with the kids). Always a puzzle but I’m proud that we’re making it work.

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