Another office move

In collaboration Svensk Adressändring

There’s a lot happening right now and we’re in the middle if another office move. Since Löwengrip was founded in 2012 we’ve moved offices 7 times. We started with two people in an apartment in the city. Since then we’ve moved every time we’ve expanded. I’ve truly experienced all types of offices and there are pros and cons with each one.

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The new office is going to be at No18.

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Such lovely open spaces.

There’s a lot to consider before an office move. I love new things and I always look forward to it but things can get messy during a move. That’s why I love services that make things easier and Svensk Adressändring have a service I think everyone should use when they are moving and that’s making sure your post is sent to the right address. It’s so important to notify your change of address to make sure all post ends up at the right place. I know from past experience that it’s easy for post to get lost so I’m grateful for this service.

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25% of all companies who change address today do not make sure to reroute their post. It means you risk getting fees or notifications from debt collection agencies. You can only reroute your post with Svensk Adressändring and make sure all mail ends up at the new office. You can’t only change the address with the Swedish Company Registration because they don’t make sure the post actually gets to your new address. So my advice to those of you moving privately or with the company is to sign up to the reroute service. The service is valid for 12 hours, it’s simple to order with

In collaboration with Svensk Adressändring

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