No keys, Glow mist and Q&A tonight

How can it be possible to drive your car without your keys? Shouldn’t the car tell you no? Anyhow, I managed to do that this morning. When I dropped off the kids I couldn’t lock it. Or start it later. But Ida who works with me at home came over with the keys. Thank goodness I wasn’t going on a roadtrip….

Today I have make-up, content, meetings and then we’re flying to Gothenburg for work early in the morning tomorrow.

But before I’m going to sit down with the colleagues, I want to remind you that Löwengrip have launched two new products from our Instant Glow-range. Glow Mist and our Day Mask are finally here. You can find everything here at Kronans Phamacy (adlink). And one last thing, if I can find some space in my calendar early afternoon/evening I’ll do a live stream from my Instagram where you can ask questions. I think it might work around half past five before the flight. I’ve been sensing you guys have been looking forward to this!

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