Inspiring womem

There’s a lot of things happening in the house all the time which is really fun. New paintings on the wall and building work outside. It’s a huge project to finish, swimming pool, gym with a guest room upstairs and a terrace. But it’ll be a dream house!

My theme at home is beautiful women who inspire me…I’ll show you clearer photographs later. I love them!

I bought the house in november so we haven’t had a chance to fully experience spring and summer here. But the feeling from last house is twice as a big as here because you can be outside a lot. Other than the building work, we’ll get a boat in two weeks. I’m so excited!

Anyway, it’s Wednesday today. I started the day with an exercise session with Pontus. Pontus is a truly fantastic PT, he knows I’m under a lot of pressure right now and lots to do with work but he is fitting the exercise around what I do. The variation of feeling like I can do everything I want to do but also totally focus on the exercise and think about other things for an hour. His goal is that I should feel proud and strong when I leave the session to give me a good start of the day and the fact that he thinks like that means a lot to me. I’m really grateful for all the people around me. Today I have a content day at home, team lunch and then Sally is going to spend the day with Pingis for cozy time (Pingis is her idol) and Gillis and I are going out for dinner. A good wednesday.

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