Hard-set faces

I’m in Skåne today. I’m going to talk at Leadership day 2019 which is organized and hosted by Academic Work. It’s 200 people in the audience today and I’m looking forward to it, it’s always fun with large arenas but the fact is that if you’re talking in front of a thousand people at Cirkus you can’t even see the audience. You’re looking over a dark sea. But with two hundred people you can see almost every single person’s face and that makes it more intimate and fun. I can say what I want to, and I can always tell if people think what I’m talking about is interesting or not. Well, it’s almost true, 90% of all people have hard-set faces when they are focusing which is a natural. Some people always sit and smile (I’m one of those) and I usually focus on them to gather energy.

Lots and lots of coffee! I’m always thinking in sections to get through these next two weeks. Now: make-up, Malmö and then pick up the kids at nursery.

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