A day in Malmö

…And we’re on the way back from Malmö. We’ve had a great day over here and I’ve flown with a new gang in my fantastic team. Security guard, communications manager Marisol and photographer Rebecka. Because I travel so much we’ve split up the team so everyone has enough energy during the work day, content team 1 is Sascha and Emelie and team 2 are Michaela and Rebecka. Sometimes we mix it up a bit. When it comes to security I have three different people on a rotating schedule. The kids have gotten to know all three. It’ll be so good to have our CEO with us because there’s a lot of us at Löwengrip Invest. We’re changing offices on Sunday to one where I feel safer. Löwengrip Invest and Löwengrip are moving and Nordic Tech house are staying put. If you want to sit in Gallerian there are spaces available, email viktor@nordictechhouse.com.

Polo from Maje, pants from Viktoria Chan and new bag from Valextra.

We ate a delicious lunch at Johan P before the event

Today’s conversation about leadership with Academic Work. Now I’m picking up the kids at nursery!

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