My Monday

…And the week has begun! I had a lovely conversation with Jenny Fingal who is CEO for Ellen. The company has been listed on the stock market, so it was really interesting to talk about that. My plan is to put Löwengrip Invest on the stock market but there’s a few things I need to finish first. I’m building a new base for the company right now, which is really exciting. That’s why there’s a lot of work right now but it’s so worth it. It’s so typically me that new things are happening all over at the same time but that’s the way it’s always been. Never a still moment. We haven’t finished the financial statement for 2019 yet but I’m aiming at going from 18 million to 100 million in turnover by the end of 2020 and that’s actually perfectly possible with the new company set-up. My goals have to give me a bit of a stomach ache because it makes it easier to kickstart things.

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A lovely time with Jenny at Nobis Hotel.

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After that I had product meetings and several meetings to block things in the calendar. A good start to the Monday. There’s a lot ahead but we’re taking it one day at a time. I left the office at half past 3 to pick up Sally. She was playing hairdressers during last Mom week and when she came running towards me I noticed her way too short fringe. I couldn’t help but to laugh, it’s a bit cute.

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When we got home we went for a bike ride (I needed to wind down and leave work behind). I always change clothes when I get home, soft tights and a new jacket from Norrsken. I had an entrepreneur event with them a while ago and fell in love with this jacket, Visby (adlink). A perfect after school outfit.

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Norrsken currently have an offer on all their jacketshär (adlink).

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Gillis has an extra day with Odd so Sally and I both had salmon for dinnee. After that we made some drawings because Sally is visiting Pingis after nursery on Wednesday for girl-time and made a drawing for hee. We’ve also been trying on clothes for Cannes on Friday. Sally loves it. I tucked her into bed around 7PM after reading Pippi.

I had an idea by the way. I get so many questions I don’t have time to answer so I thought I’d livestream a question time session via instagram this week. I’ll get back to you with more details about the time!

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