A weekend at the Berkley

I’ve had a fantastic weekend. I’ve slept like a baby. I fell asleep at 11PM on Friday and woke up at 11AM. Twelve hours. Yesterday I fell asleep at 6PM and woke up at 10AM this morning. 16 hours. I’ve had some catching up to do. I’ve done lots of walking, went to a SPA, done writing, shopping at Harrods and Valextra. I went to dinner on Friday nigh but other than that I’ve been unsocial and charged my batteries. I’ve eaten A LOT of tiramisu at an Italian restaurant next to the hotel.

I’m ready for a new week now. I’m picking up the kids tomorrow and working in Malmö on Tuesday and the kids, myself, Lovisa and a work team are flying to Cannes (after a quick stop in Gothenburg, work with Ellos). We’re staying until Monday, I have a TV show, panel conversation, and a few events to visit. I’m flying back with the kids on Monday (they’re going back to O)and then I’m going to be on stage in Stockholm on Tuesday but after that I’m going back to Cannes. Cannes is a more glamorous version of Almedalen, lots of networking and galas until the 23rd of May . Then I’m off to Italy, What a month, oh my god…
It’s fun to work outside of Sweden. That’s what we’ve worked for. It’s truly a tipping point we’ve been waiting fir and it’s finally here. Every cell in my body is telling me we’re leaving Sweden now. I have lots of media activity this summer but after that there’ll be no more interviews in Sweden. I need to close one door to open another one and it’s time now.

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