Löwengrip and Hollywood Reporter

Yesterday I mentioned that no day is like the other. Between recruitment meetings today, I was being photographed for a fantastic campaign with Löwengrip for the Hollywood Reporter. They’re releasing their Cannes edition in may and Löwengrip are a part of it. The pictures really feel like a Cannes gala which was fun! I love things that feel like a movie.

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We were at the beautiful Hallwylska.

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The dress is from Ida Lanto Couture. Sascha did a fantastic styling job with assistance from Rebecka. Rebecka is doing her internship with us but she’s so good that we’re going to have a meeting on Tuesday to talk about future employment. Always fun.

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Our photographer was Martin Peterson, we’ve been working together for three years now. It’s always wonderful to work with him. What a professional.

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Another professional is Emelie. She’s the best. This morning she told me ”I’m going to create a classic Hollywood hairdo for you” and in the meanwhile I was working in front of the computer. When I looked up the hair was perfect, just like that.

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With Shine & Texture from Löwengrip. Then I rushed to next recruitment meeting, but wearing a different outfit … :- )

I’ve had a good but messy week all at the same time. When my security guard and I walked into the new office on for the first time on Monday, I realized we wouldn’t be able to have the same level of security I need from the garage up to the office. My situation has changed drastically since we decided to move to the new office. We’ve been thinking a lot during the week but I’ve decided that I won’t stay in the same place because of security reasons. It’s totally drained me. And also having to tell my co-owners who have been looking forward to this. Anyway, we’re coming up with a plan for everything (partly to split ourselves into different groups) but until then I need to look at another space. Hopefully AMF have different offices we can change to. Everything works out but right now I’m really down about the fact that it didn’t work out as we wanted.

Right now I’m going to take off my make up, make a cup of tea, read through my emails one last time and try to fall asleep by midnight at the latest. Tomorrow I have a day in Oslo and it’s such a tigh schedule that the whole gang are flying from Bromma in the morning. The plane will stand still and when we’re done we’re flying to London.

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