…Martha Stewart

Long work days and late nights but it’s usually like that for our team. All owners of Nordic Tech House met at my house tonight for a meeting. It lasted from 5-8PM and then I had a telephone meeting. I have a lot of writing work that needs to be finished. The hours aren’t enough as always. I’m going to spend nearly all waking hours working until Saturday when I have two days off in London. I’m flying from Oslo straight to London on Thursday night after my lecture and after Friday’s meeting I’m spending the weekend there.

Tuesday evening at my house with the co-owners

…This showed up during the evening. Martha Stewart recommended our Hand Balm in front of 2 million people on her instagram. It’s so awesome to see how the companies spread. We have a photo shoot for Löwengrip tomorrow, no day is like the other. It’s just what I love. Here is where you can read about our new CSR manager Marisol. I’m so incredibly happy to have her on board. We need to be a role model for other companies if we want to keep expanding internationally. Not everyone has a CSR manager in their executive group who is watching what you do to make sure you work towards growing in a healthy way.

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