How old is my body?

It was a late night last night. Even though I get less sleep, I’d rather choose to get up than snooze so I can have my breakfast in peace. Starting the day right is so important. I want time to get myself together and go through everything that needs to get done during the day. Being mentally prepared.

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One cup (okay, two) Lavazza cooffee and a bowl of vanilia kessella, freshly made almond butter from Paradiset. Why has nobody told me how much more delicious ”new nut-spread” is compared to what’s been in a jar for a long time? Blueberries, raspberries, bananas, gojiberries and cocoa nibs.

I had an exercise session at Grand Hotel around 8.30AM (I’ve left Sturebadet but I exercise with Pontus at a crossfit gym sometimes), I did a body test which is really interesting. I was so nervous that I’d get a result that showed I was ten years older. I had mentally prepared myself that it would say 38 years old on paper. I sleep in phases, take tablets to help me sleep each night since my horrible autumn last year that’s lead to trauma. I’ve been stressing and worked 12-hour days since I was 16. And I’m in different time zones each month and sleep during different times. So well, as you can see – there are challenges to keep my health in check. I do my best.

But anyway, what did the results show?

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… I’m ”29 years old” which felt good. Phew! h!

… My organs don’t have a lot of fat which shows my diet is healthy and I’m drinking enough water.

… I have good muscles but I need to strengthen my lower body if I want better balance. So more leg exercise.

… My body fat mass is good. I’m always between different weights and each month it’s between 62-64 kilos. I always gain weight around my period and when I have a lot of work. I’ve realised that because of my quick pace I have to make sure I eat a lot to manage my energy levels which is always a priority. It’s like racing. I need to charge myself. Lots of snacks, carbs and that means the scale shows I weight more. I could have a less calorie intake ahead of photo shoots and galas. I know it sounds crazy but it’s common to eat less ahead of weddings and bigger events. In my case, it’s not a wedding but lots of photo shoots and events all the time. But eating less isn’t possible in my world, if I was eating less calories to make sure my clothes fit better on a photo shot I wouldn’t reach my exercise goals, lift heavy weights or manage 12 hour days.

My plan is to sleep more, keep my weight ligting but add a bit more stamina as well. I need it to manage stress levels. Last years when May was really busy I went for a run each morning, it made a big difference. I remember being inspired by the book ”Brain Strength”. I want to increae my weight lifts for the legs and work on coordination.

Either way, I’m proud of myself for being able to keep my body in good shape. I feel strong, beautiful and always healthy despite my pace.

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