Ready for galas in Cannes

Even though today was messy, it was still a very good one. I’ve met four CEO candidates for Löwengrip Invest and I’m meeting a few more later in the week, but I can tell you now that i got a god vibe from a few of them. This morning, my PT Pontus told me ”Isabella, can you imagine that you’re at the point in your career where you are looming for a CEO for your company.” It’s actually true. It’s a big step forward. I can feel that my own competence isn’t quite enough so it’ll be wonderful to have another person on board. We’ll keep working as usual and then establish ourselves in NYC properly after the summer. We need a CEO now otherwise I won’t be able to keep going in my pace.

There’s a lot of fun things ahead like galas, TV shows, interviews and events. Two networking weeks are starting in France next week so Sascha and Rebecka have been busy sorting the clothes. Lovisa and the kids will be staying there with me to make everything go around. We always have to piece things together but it works.

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I want to wear as much Swedish clothing as possible on the red carpet in France so that’s why we visited Ida Sjöstedt and…

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… Ida Lanto!

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There are a lot of ”pinch myself in the arm” moments waiting for me before the summer. My life has never faced bigger challenges and possibilities at the same time. Isn’t that typical? It was difficult to drop off the kids this morning but I realized a week without the kids will help me work as much as possible to make everything happen. Now I have a bit of a break with my hairdresser Emelie, I love working from the bairdresser’s chair. In my calendar it says ”Go through the questions for Nordic Business Forum”. I’m giving a lecture on stage tomorrow (and Oslo on Wednesday). My last meeting is at 9PM tonight. Tomorrow we’re releasing a press statement about my new CSR manager. Her first official day was today, but she worked with me all of last week and she is a b s o l u t e l y incredible.

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