A messy Monday

Yesterday, I sent an email out to my closest team (everyone in Löwengrip Invest, the core of everything I do) and told them we are in the middle of the most hectic period of the year and we need to prepare ourselves and be understanding of things that might change and last minute decisions – it’s always a bit frustrating. May is always like this. It’s like everything you work for during hte year happens in May. Moving into a new office from today in Gallerian doesn’t make it easier and everything is messy. There’s a lot that hasn’t gone according to plan or looks like what I’ve been promised. We’ll see if things can be corrected or if we have to re-think it but that’s live sometimes.

I am pretty tired today, I ran between the kids’ rooms today to help them fall back to sleep and wasn’t done working until 1AM. I also struggled to sleep because of late night work. But that’s just how it is sometimes. I’ve had my mind set on three crazy weeks ahead. I just have to make sure to keep exercising (heavy lifts this morning), eat properly and make sure to find time for recovery along the way. It’s nice to know that all these years working with a quick pace, I can keep at it without getting too stressed or exhausted.

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Now I’m going to have lunch in front of my temporary desk in our new room. Then I’m going to meet all CEO candidates for Löwengrip Invest and after that more meeting marathons. I’m getting help back home later tonight. I’ve had some security problems this weekend again with more threats. It’s strange to think it’s become a bit of routine. It’s crazy but not something that bothers me much these days.

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