Weekend with the kids

What a weekend! I’m sooo behind in work but it’s been worth it (even though the evening gets longer). Sometimes you need to mentally check out. Sally had her birthday parry at Leo’s playland on Saturday and it was so much fun.

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An excited gang before setting off.

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Seven kids were invited, we’d booked the room”ice princess” and invited Elsa herself. I didn’t take any photographs, there was no time because everything was so hectic. They played for an hour (not enough time for food, snacks, opening presents and play with Elsa…) and an hour in the other playland. It’s really impossible to be there alone with a four and five year old Sally was overjoyed about her party. I was so touched.

We were dome by five and then the kids and I went home and Lovisa got sushi from our regular place, at Miyabi at Lidingö. The whole gang had dinner at home. The kids got tucked into bed and then I got picked up for a long awaited night with friends…

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..I started at Bank Hotel for a drink with Michaeka. Then we had an evening with a few friends visiting Sweden. A visit to Grand Hotel and dinner at the Theatre Grill and a table at Wall. Swedish House Mafia had their after party there. Oh my god, it was ages ago I stayed out so late but we had lots of fun.

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Lovisa has a day off today so the kids came with me when I went to exercise with Pontuz. We sometimes use a Crossfit gym and there’s hardly any people there. Sally and Gillis thought it was SO much fun. The climbed ropes and had a blast. I did an upper body session today and when we’ll doing rest tomorrow.

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After exercising, the kids and I had lunch at Kale & Crave. Beetroot patties for Gillis, mince meat for Sally and cod cakes for me. They have delicious black rice. It’s great that the kids like it too and it’s so nice to hang out together without stress.

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I brought coffee with me and then we drove to NK. Gillis has wished for one book all week, unfortunately last year’s edition of Guinness book of records was sold out everywhere. He’ll have to wait until September for the next edition. A bit disappointing.But we got a book about YouTube records instead, Either way, he really wants books with QR codes so he can keep watching.I must admit it’s a good way to read books I’m not used to. He must have learnt it from nursery?

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After going shopping at NK, we visited the new market on the ground floor. I love it there. We bought some cheeses, got some food at Dr Mat and Paradiset and after that the kids bought ice cream before we went to the cinema. A very lovely Sunday together. When we got home at five I had to get right back into work, but the kids have their den to play in.

Now we’re going to have dinner! We’re having leftover from the weekend. I have toast skagen at home (so delicious!)and thr kid are having curry with quorn and rice. Afterwards we are going to have this weekend’s last cozy time(making the most of the weekend) with some cheeses and strawberries in front of Sune. It’s Monday tomorrow and the kids are going to their dad’s. It’s the second Sunday in a row when I really don’t feel ready to give them back. Ugh. Next time they’re with me we are going to Cannes, it’ll be wonderful.

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