The kids are getting older

I had a few friends over yesterday, we had long conversations in the kitchen and around half past 10 the kids came downstiars to keep us company. There’s such a difference when they’re older. When they woke up back when they were younger, there were always tears and I knew I’d spend a large part of my Friday upstairs. Now when the kids wake up, they always come and hang out with us for a bit, either fall asleep on the lap or on the sofa so everything is easier. And much more pleasant. Gillis stayed up and talked for ages but we could sleep in today so that’s fine.

All three of us woke up at 9AM. That’s another plus to them getting older – they sleep longer in the morning. We were having breakfast downstairs at ten past nine, after that we watched a Sune movie, had a bath and made a den of sheets in the playroom.

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Friday night’s look; blouse Filippa K, pants Ralph Lauren and heels from Manolo Blahnik

We’ve just had lunch and we’re almost off to the play-land where Sally is having her birthday party. Elsa is going to visit us today and Sally can’t wait. I’m going out tonight after I’ve put the kids to bed, a few friends from Switzerlnd are visiting so we’re having dinner, fun! Tomorrow the kids are coming with me when I’m off exercising. Lovisa has a day off and the gym Pontus and exercise at is empty on the weekend. Then the kids and I are having lunch in the city and after that I’ve promised Gillis he can buy a Guiness Book of World Records.

A Lovely weekend ahead of us.

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