….Gosh what a day!

I can proudly say that I am part of the Lead like a Woman campaign for Ralph Lauren’s scents! We are five women from around the world who have been chosen by Ralph Lauren for a campaign ahead of mother’s day. #leadlikeawoman is an initiative Ralph Lauren started a while ago now I get to pass on the torch. The campaign is about being a role model and what it means for me to be Sally’s first leader, so she got to come along of course. We’ve had a really fun day together, she was so proud to get picked up earlier and hang out with mom at work. She was so good all day but I kept my rules about not showing the face properly. Ralph Lauren or not. The message is about my role as a leader and a mom and how the roles combine.

The scent is absolutely wonderful, very feminine. Pears, Turkish rose and sandalwood are some of the ingredients.

Gillis was also with us during the day but he was happy to not be a part of the campaign 🙂 But he was very supportive of his sister. ”Go Sally!”

We’ve spent time in fantastic environments, today at Lydmar Hotel. The hotel feels very Ralph Lauren. Thank you Interflora for arranging such beautiful roses. The result of the campaign will show up later. When we were done for the day we decided to have a cozy Friday at home with tacos. At the table, Sally said ”Mommy, when I get older I want to work with your colleagues. They’re so nice.” And they really are. A really lovely Friday evening and I hope yours is too!

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